Playdough Enterprises

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Phatican City Battle Cry!!!!

....with strong Scottish Accent..."You may take our Bridge, but you'll never take our Freedom!"

This is the Battle cry that you will hear from all in the Phatican Military Forces today...After the attack, troops became detached from the rest of the ranks and today for the first time, were able to attach themselves to new units, and to learn of the devasting blow that was dealt to the Phatican Guard.....More troops are straggling in each hour and by days end, we expect to be back to 90%, suffering only minimal casualties.....

Playdough Enterprises is Back!

After a brief hiatus that sent the original Playdough Enterprises to who-knows-where, we are back and we promis our devoted fans that we will restore the content of the site, even if it means....well, let's not get ahead of ourselves...Phatican City troops are slowly being reassembled and placed in key locations....More updates later....